When choosing Superior Pool Plastering, you will receive the benefit of working with a company that has been family owned and operated for nearly 50 years. This means you will receive excellent customer service and work with a team whose number one priority is the customer!

We have set the standard for other companies to follow by providing the very best in materials and workmanship. With hundreds of interior finishes installed each year, Superior remains an industry leader as well as an innovator for the development of quality products for the ever changing needs of the consumer.


Born and raised in Superior, Arizona, Superior Pool Plastering was founded by Robert Altamirano Sr., a pool plasterer since the early 50’s, known around the Valley as “Mr. Katz”. As the current President, Robert Altamirano Jr. has been on the cutting edge for the development of the latest products in plastering materials. The production of longer lasting and higher quality materials has kept the “Superior Ideal” alive by maintaining quality and service, the main focus of the company. Superior is not just what we are, it’s where we’re from.

Robert Altamirano Jr. has continuously searched for the best possible products to offer our customers. In addition to formulating our own mixtures of materials and colors, we offer the industry’s top brands of pre-blended materials currently on the market, including Pebble Technology International® products.

So whether you choose an Enhanced Plaster, Superior Sheen or Pebble Tec ® product – we can install a “Superior” finish in your swimming pool.


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